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This range that brings out the best in what can be achieved if we are going to look after this wonderful planet of ours. It never ceases to amaze us what people can achieve with nothing more than a will and determination to make some thing of value.

Purchasing from this range of recycled and sustainably produced blankets and handwoven throws, you, like us, are supporting communities in India and the UK, helping to create jobs whilst assisting the environment – perfect solution.

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We vet all of the products in this range to ensure that they meet with our own sustainability footprint. We select 100% recycled cotton and have been either, hand loomed or hand woven – a particular favourite of ours for the imperfections… if that’s not enough, we also have our range of 100% recycled wool products.

In keeping with our sustainability views, our wool picnic blanket is an environmentally friendly product that is made by using recycled wool fibers which have been re-spun. As the blanket uses recycled yarns no two are the same so each product will be is unique to you.

These traditional style blankets/throws can be used as a large picnic blanket/rug for those days out that you and your family cherish. Whether its to the to the beach, the park, or the countryside. Oh and the great news is that they look great in the back of the car too.

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