Designer Blankets & Throws

We have an extensive range of designer blankets and throws that will be perfect for your home. We source from a range of distinct designers, using different materials and textures to provide a colourful array of blankets and throws. We appreciate that all homes have an individual feel and design, and because of this we are all searching for something a little special to fit with our home. The multitude of designs that we source means that we have something for everyone.

We know how much you love your home, and how you want to fill it full of beautiful yet practical items, soft blankets, and luxurious throws. We know how good it is for us to have cosy places to sit, and warm designer blankets to wrap ourselves in. Self-care isn’t just about bubble baths, taking a moment to sit and reflect, or enjoying an afternoon snooze, can all be vital for our mental health. So make sure that your home has quiet spaces, and soft fabrics, for peaceful moments.

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Gift buying can be arduous, but everyone loves designer blankets and throws. Delightful yet practical, these are gifts that will please even the very hard to please, and with our range there will be something for all tastes and budgets. From wool throws to check blankets, from fleece to wool, from bright to muted, whatever you are searching for you will find it here. So, enjoy looking through our blanket ranges, and finding the perfect match both for yourself and your loved ones.

Our love affair with wool is never-ending and it forced us to seek out new, up and coming designers like Jurate Jakstaite, whose passion began, by chance, at university.

After university, she set up J.J textile which has now become a well – established company, that produces high quality and original jacquard designs of blankets, throws, fine wool and cotton that will grace any part of your home.

We love J.J’s collections and we are delighted to be able to provide you with access to these beautiful exclusive designer wool blankets and throws.

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