Cotton Blankets & Throws

We love our range of cotton blankets and throws. Much as we love wool, we know that not everyone feels the same way, and so we are delighted to bring you this selection of soft 100% cotton throws. Not only are they beautifully made, with a delightful array of colours to suit everyone, but they are part of our sustainable future. 

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All our cotton throws are carefully sourced to ensure that we support ethical businesses, and as part of this, we have a selection of cotton throws that are made using recycled cotton. They are fair traded from India, so are ethical and environmentally friendly. As part of our sustainable future, we support circular production and ethically sound practices. These cotton throws fulfil both of these requirements, and to top it off, they are gorgeous! 

Cotton throws are perfect for lazy summer days lying on the grass. They are perfect for picnics, for the beach, for lying under trees, for reading on, eating on, chatting on. They are perfect for Sunday brunch and afternoon teas. They are perfect for indoor picnics on rainy days, for movie marathons in fluffy PJs, for weekday evenings, and for quiet weekends. Cotton throws are just perfect!

A cotton throw makes an ideal gift for a loved one. Whether you are choosing a present for your best friend, or your hard-to-please aunt, a cotton throw is a surefire winner! We all love a gift that we can use, something that will last, that is pretty and practical, simple and stylish, cosy and colourful, all rolled into one. So stop looking, and start choosing your favorite!

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