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Are you ready to be cosy? Are you ready for rainy evenings, good books, and hot chocolate? Are you ready for crackling fires, old films, the pitter-patter of raindrops on windows? With our blankets and throws, you will be ready for anything! Bad day at work? Wrap yourself in a blanket and relax. Feeling sad? Enjoy the soft comfort of our throws. Want to relax? Grab your book or the remote and head to the sofa for cosy indulgence.

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We know that everyone likes different textures and colours. Some people love wool, others love fleece. Some enjoy bright, vibrant colours, while others prefer the muted softness of pastel shades. Whatever you like we will have something for you. 

All of our blankets and throws are carefully sourced. We know that you want to buy something that will last, that has been ethically produced in an environmentally friendly way. We strive to ensure that all of our blankets and throws fulfil these requirements. When you buy a blanket from us, you are buying something to last, not to throw away. We source materials that are designed to last, that are tough enough for daily life, for spilled drinks, for midnight snacks, for tears, but are soft enough for laughter and for love.

If you are looking for a gift, why not consider a blanket or throw? No one wants disposable plastic gifts, they want gifts that are useful, gifts with a purpose, gifts that last. For your best friend, for your hard-to-please aunt, you will find the ideal blanket. For the bold, or the quiet. The busy lives or serene calm, we have a throw for you. Take a look at our range, and find your perfect fit. From throws to bed blankets, we’ve got them all. 

Interested then just email us at or call 01772 439030 to find out more.

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