Life is better filled with little luxuries, and it is often the little things that make our days better. Wrap yourself in a velvet blanket and feel the stresses of your day slip away. Velvet blankets are soft, cosy, and comforting. Had a bad day? Did your boss shout at you? Did you get caught in a downpour without an umbrella? Treat yourself to a hot drink, a good book, and a velvet blanket. Our plush velvet blankets come in a range of colours which make them the perfect addition to any room.

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Whether you want a pop of colour in a pastel-based colour scheme, or a shade to tie into your existing colour scheme, we have colours that will be perfect for you. Velvet blankets are a lovely touch draped over sofas, used as casual throws on comfy armchairs, or as throws for beds. Combining different textures in materials enhances the look and feel of a room by providing delightful contrasts.

Whether you are looking for a gift for yourself or a friend, a velvet blanket will never disappoint. Even your hard-to-please aunt will smile on unwrapping her velvet blanket and gently smoothing the soft fabric under the palm of her hand. More and more people are moving away from disposable plastic gifts, and towards sustainable and useful gifts that last. A velvet blanket will be used, it will be loved, and it will last for years. Give a gift that will last, and bring a smile to a face with a velvet blanket.

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