Our check blankets are the perfect gift for everyone. From new babies to elderly relatives, everyone loves a check blanket. Not only are check blankets beautiful and help to dress a room, giving a soft touch of colour, but they are also functional. There are a multitude of uses for a check blanket, from comfort to play, whoever your world consists of they will enjoy your check blanket.

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Blankets are perfect for keeping warm on a cool winter’s evening, they are ideal for making dens, and lying on for stories on a rainy afternoon. Lying under a blanket on the sofa listening to the rain against the windows fills us with a sense of peace and cosiness. Blankets make our houses into homes and can bring softness and natural comfort into our worlds.

Our check and plaid blankets come in different materials, so no matter what your preference we will have something for you. Whether you prefer wool or fleece, we have a blanket for you. We make sure that whatever fibre you choose, your throws are super soft and gentle to your skin.
If you are looking for a gift for a loved one, look no further. Our range of colours will complement every interior. From a classic look to a more bohemian taste, you will be able to choose an ideal blanket for everyone. Step away from our disposal society, and buy a well-made and long-lasting gift for your loved ones. Many people can’t remember what they were given last year, but if you gift a check blanket, no one will ever forget. Our blankets are designed to be used and loved for many years, so take a look and find your perfect match today.

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